Better Than Your Average Sweets

Stop by our local candy shop in Rome, NY today

Looking for a sweet treat to get you through the day? WODOX is where it's at! We're the only freeze-dried candy store in Rome, NY.

You've never tried your favorite candies like this before. Come on by our candy store to taste the difference. You'll be surprised at the burst of flavor and fluffy texture our specialty candies offer. We always have free samples available, so visit our freeze-dried candy store to try before you buy.

Gifts for any occasion

No one can pass up their favorite candy, especially on their birthday.

But freeze-dried candy isn't the only thing our local candy shop offers. We also have personalized gifts for any occasion. Visit us in Rome, NY to pick up...

  • Customized ornaments
  • Holiday gnomes
  • Wax burners and scented wax
  • Vintage tin photographs
  • Canvas paintings
Our candy store has it all. Check us out in Rome, NY today.

What is vacuum-puffed candy?

Though most vacuum-puffed candy is labeled as freeze-dried candy, it's not actually frozen. During the vacuum process, we extract water and moisture from the candy until it explodes with flavor. That's why freeze-dried candy looks oversized or swollen. No extra chemicals, sugars or preservatives are added. We simply dehydrate your favorite candy until it's light and puffy.

Discover this new candy craze for yourself. Stop by our local candy shop in Rome, NY today to sample what's in store.